Becoming a

ssm security

Becoming a SSM Security

A single mistake by an incomplete security guard could expose lives and property to security risks. For this reason, the following steps are required for applicant to become a smart SSM security.

1. Application Process

The application process involves the completion of applicant forms as well as a test to assess applicants’ ability to understand and write in English or any other required language, if required. Depending on the examiner’s choice, the test may inculde assessments of applicants’s computer, mathematical, and other skills required to assess verify their qualifications and ability to take up the job.

2. Verification of Qualifications

Examiner carry out various background checks to verify the qualifications as well as criminal records of applicants. Since no one wants to hire an ex-convict as security guard.

3. Interview

The interview is aimed at testing the confidence and communication skills as well as other various qualities, such as integrity, selflessness, professionalism, respect for others, loyalty, and so on, of the applicant.

4. MEdical check

The applicant would be requested to submit the results of specified medical tests, such as drug and alcohol screening, urinalysis, blood analysis, etc. A medical check is necessary, as it reveals whether or not an applicant is healthy and fit enough to take up the security guard job, which could be very boring and tiring at times.

5. Training

Training plays an important role of a SSM Security Company. It means, without training, there is no security. Training includes Sarabha Security Management Security Training Course, physical and mental training, communication to clients, lecture from a professional trainer (former military officer), etc.

6. Examination

A candidate must pass the exam to become a officially SSM Security Member. If a candidate wouldn’t pass, then he used to re-exam untill he pass.

7. Final Selection

Using the results of the examination test, medical check, and background investigation, examiner choose one or more successful applicants for the position. After the selection, successful applicants are given further instructions on what to do next.