these are our


01. services

Security Services

1. Home Security

2. Business Security
(Factory, School, Office, Warehouse, Industry, Housing Condominium, Shopping Mall, Company, Hospital, COnstruction Site)

3. Casino Security

4. Club Security

5. Hotel & Restaurant Security

6. Doorman Security

7. Car-Parking Guidance Security

8. Event Security

9. Security Training Service

02. services

Security Equipment

1. Metal Detector

2. Walkie Talkie

3. Defense Equipment

4. Whistle

5. Search Mirror

6.  Electric Gum

7. Indicating Torch Light

8. Mobile Phone

9. Security Belt

10. Torch Light

11. Note Pad and Pen

12. CCTV & Accessories

03. services

SSM Foundation

In 2016, U Soe Naing, U Soe Thiha who are retired from Myanmar Military Forces, U Saw Khun Cho who is retired Navy officer have grouped and then founded Sarabha Security Management. Over 3 years, SSM become one of the best and famous security service in Myanmar. Now working with over 500 guards and 300 customers.